Summary biography

Born in Hungary 1930. Mady lost both her parents very young with her Mother dying in 1937 and her Father being sent to a work camp in 1940. She lived in both the Keszthely and Zalaegerszeg ghettos prior to being sent to Auschwitz aged 14. She then went to a work camp before being marched for about 12 days to Bergen-Belsen, where she was liberated.

Post-War life. Mady became a fashion designer, specialising in exclusive crochet and haute couture garments. Mady based herself in Cardiff, Canada and New York and has produced haute couture items for the likes of singer Dionne Warwick and the American First Ladies Patricia Nixon and Nancy Regan. In 1974, she received an American Design Award for creative achievement in the women's knitwear industry.

Artistic responses