This formed the basis of a digital installation combining string, film and personal possessions. The pupils chose a series of themes that explored varied aspects of Mady’s story and began the residency designing structures out of wool. We experimented with colours for each theme and explored how string can connect one story to the next. The themes were home, the camp, work, barracks, liberation and today. We brought all of the themes together to form a structure of the Star of David, filling each section with an interpretation of Mady’s life story. As we listened to her story each day, the pupils found more elements they could relate to. From this, we wrote two scripts and made two short films with statements that cross-purposed her life with their own. The pupils were intrigued by Mady’s photographs and could see the importance of keeping hold of memories. Inresponse, they brought in their own personal possessions consisting of a head scarf, comb, baby photographs and prayer beads, and wove them into the installation.