We worked across 5 areas, expanding geographically, from Birmingham and Coventry to include North Warwickshire, Liverpool and London. We also expanded beyond schools to work with community and youth partners.

Together we created a 23-day festival. The first 19 days focussed on 19 testimonies and the individuals who gifted them. All led by different partners who each made a pledge to ‘Be the light in the darkness’ and to take action. On Day 20, the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, we came together to share our annual Horizons production – this time to be experienced digitally. The festival closed with three days of reflection, starting on Holocaust Memorial Day at Sunrise, launching Echo Eternal Horizons Festival 2021 Exhibition, and 2 closing symposium workshops.

Watch Horizons 2021

In partnership with: Natasha Kaplinsky OBE, Arena Academy, City Academy, Jewellery Quarter Academy, LIPA Sixth Form Centre, Dulwich College and Highly Sprung – Advanced Sprung Youth Group,                Highly Sprung Performance, River Rea Films