Working large scale, the young people immersed themselves — physically and emotionally — to share Dov’s narrative through the act of drawing. In providing some unusual materials in which to create their drawings, the young people were able to experiment and explore mark-making in a very physical way. It gave them the freedom to break from normal perceptions around drawing, and because of this their final artworks are richer for it. Some focused on specific aspects of Dov’s story: reflections that compelled, moved and inspired them, devoting their whole drawing into communicating that one distinct feature. Others were driven to chronicle the broad range of experiences that he shared, building narratives on top of narratives, sometimes literal and sometimes abstract.

Alongside this work was another group working with music and sound artist Richard Shrewsbury. The young people across these two groups worked collaboratively and there’s a direct correlation between the group’s drawings and the music the other group composed and recorded.

A final creative partnership between these two groups was demonstrated through the creation of an audiovisual film ‘Drawing, Resounding’. It animates the young people’s music and drawing together in one collective creative interpretation of Dov’s Reichmann’s testimony.