Specially trained artists prompt and shape creative responses from groups of young people in the Echo Eternal schools. These responses are crafted by the pupils with guidance from the artist. The final artistic expression is shared with various audiences as a tribute to the survivor.

River Rea Films and Vyka Ltd have created many of the film Echoes out of the artistic residencies in schools. 

River Rea Films is owned and operated by Mathew Beckett a Director, Filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Vyka Ltd is a Birmingham based SME, managed by Paul Davies, specialising in the creation of digital tools and compelling television. They service the learning, cultural, heritage and communities sectors.

Free Radical

Amerah Saleh, Free Radical as part of Beatfreeks Collective supported by Faye Meacham. We worked with young people at City Academy Birmingham to explore the differences and the similarities between lives. The young people explored the idea of jobs, careers, identity and bullying in their work. We focused mainly on letting them tell the story and guiding them creatively with the direction. The young people wrote, composed and did all of the work of bringing it together under one narrative. They thread the whole piece together with ‘Shalom, my friend’ as a divider but a uniter for the story of Agnes. The group were very inspired by Agnes’ words: “Human beings are valuable. They are all entitled to dignity. Tolerance is what I’d like to teach.”