Specially trained artists prompt and shape creative responses from groups of young people in the Echo Eternal schools. These responses are crafted by the pupils with guidance from the artist. The final artistic expression is shared with various audiences as a tribute to the survivor.

River Rea Films and Vyka Ltd have created many of the film Echoes out of the artistic residencies in schools. 

River Rea Films is owned and operated by Mathew Beckett a Director, Filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Vyka Ltd is a Birmingham based SME, managed by Paul Davies, specialising in the creation of digital tools and compelling television. They service the learning, cultural, heritage and communities sectors.

Richard Shrewsbury

My practice is to listen, explore sound and evoke emotion through music and technology. Silence is as important as sound. Creating a creative, comfortable space to reflect, everybody felt able to engage and explore their emotions. Susie Lind’s gift touched the group to the point of silence. We explored sound and silence through the use of sensitive audio recording equipment, that enabled a new understanding of sound and its impact. Single notes, and groups of notes, gave us different feelings and emotions. The weather outside, the sounds of our school, interviews with staff and our own emotional reactions lead us into a world where we were able to record our sounds and voices re-telling Susie’s gift. Alongside this work, was another group of young people at the school, working with visual artist Jo Löki.

The young people across these two groups worked collaboratively, and there’s a direct correlation between one of the group’s printmaking works and the sound the other group captured and recorded.

A final creative partnership between these two groups was demonstrated through the creation of an audio-visual film ‘Pressing Stillness’. It animates the young people’s sound and printmaking together, in one collective creative interpretation of Susie Lind’s testimony.