Specially trained artists prompt and shape creative responses from groups of young people in the Echo Eternal schools. These responses are crafted by the pupils with guidance from the artist. The final artistic expression is shared with various audiences as a tribute to the survivor.

River Rea Films and Vyka Ltd have created many of the film Echoes out of the artistic residencies in schools. 

River Rea Films is owned and operated by Mathew Beckett a Director, Filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Vyka Ltd is a Birmingham based SME, managed by Paul Davies, specialising in the creation of digital tools and compelling television. They service the learning, cultural, heritage and communities sectors.

Open Theatre

As part of the Echo Eternal project, Open Theatre practitioners, Jake Jarvis and Melissa Daly, have been working with a group of young people from James Brindley Dovedale.

Open Theatre use a unique non-verbal physical theatre practice and do not usually use text as a starting point for the development of a piece of theatre, so this project has presented all involved with some exciting creative challenges from the very beginning. Throughout, the young people from Dovedale have carefully reflected on the words Harry gifted to the group and offered back what that means to them as an individual alive in the 21st century, but more importantly in the wider context of how they see themselves in the world.

The physical theatre and spoken word created by the young people is mesmerising to watch and experience, and a privilege to be a part of. As one of the group said, “We have to do this because we need to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”