Specially trained artists prompt and shape creative responses from groups of young people in the Echo Eternal schools. These responses are crafted by the pupils with guidance from the artist. The final artistic expression is shared with various audiences as a tribute to the survivor.

River Rea Films and Vyka Ltd have created many of the film Echoes out of the artistic residencies in schools. 

River Rea Films is owned and operated by Mathew Beckett a Director, Filmmaker and Director of Photography.

Vyka Ltd is a Birmingham based SME, managed by Paul Davies, specialising in the creation of digital tools and compelling television. They service the learning, cultural, heritage and communities sectors.

Mandy Ross

As a Jewish writer, I was delighted to work with pupils aged 9-11 at majority-Muslim, Nansen Primary School, in Alum Rock.

Working with Marcel Anisfeld’s survivor testimony, the children explored common ground between Judaism and Islam, and started to make a response to faith-based persecution, now and in the past.

We explored ‘l’dor va’dor’, a Hebrew phrase meaning ‘from generation to generation’, and how stories are passed on within families. Linking with trees as a symbol of life in Judaism, and drawing upon Nansen’s Forest School area, we planted tree seeds in paper pots written with wishes and prayers.

Their echo ends movingly as they stand by the banner they made from an old blanket, working with artist Benny Semp. This echoed the blanket dividing the room shared by Marcel’s and another family where they were transported in Siberia.

In the children’s words:
We should — we WILL! — speak out for equality and peace.
We should — we WILL! — stand up for people who are being hurt because of their religion, ethnicity, gender, colour of hair, eyes, who they love, anything. We will stand up for each other, as we stand here together.