Fifth Echo Film Released

  • 30th November, 2018

In the summer of 2018, students from Nansen Primary School began working with Secret City Arts artistic co-director and writer Mandy Ross on developing an artistic response to Holocaust survivor Marcel Ainsfield’s testimony. The gifted testimony was one of the 112 survivor interviews captured by Natasha Kaplinsky OBE for the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation (UKHMF).

Working with Mandy and Birmingham-based visual artist Benny Semp, the students used their own reactions, representations, and thoughts on Marcel’s testimony and the Holocaust to create their own artistic expression of it. They did so through creative mediums such as painting, drawing, and writing.

On the 30th November 2018, we are proud to release our fifth echo which encapsulates their artistic expression of Marcel’s testimony. The film, titled L’dor Va’dor (Generation to Generation) features the students and their work and was a joint collaboration between River Rea Film’s Mathew Beckett, independent film director and producer Sima Gonsai and photographer and videographer John Palmer. The sound recordings were captured by Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s Alex Chisnall.