Kind Is The New Cool

  • 22nd May, 2018

The world can seem lonely, sad, unfair and cruel, though some people just pretend everything is cool.

People are bullied, tormented and teased
But some are nice to the bullies to make them appeased.

But in truth the world is not a jungle, it’s a super awesome place: everyone has a role, regardless of religion or race.

We need to be there for the lonely, befriend the kid in need. We might not fix the world at once but we can sow a seed.

Every moment counts. Every second matters.
When we fill the world with our light, the darkness shatters.

We can give to the needy and support the weak, we can make them strong and powerful by the words we speak.

So don’t underestimate the power you contain.
You can be the magnificent rainbow after the savage hurricane.

So bros – choose kind over cool- don’t let yourself be fools cause cool is being yourself not following other’s wicked rules.

We must learn the lessons from our history – never again.

Life is for living: let’s all write our best story then.

Ari Jacobs
Year 5 Pupil, King David’s Primary School, Birmingham
Echo Eternal Performance 22nd May 2018